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Monitor, measure, maintain all integrated building systems

In reality the aggregate system for Building Management System (BMS) and an Energy Management System (EMS) provide possibility to facility managers to use only one system to monitor, measure, maintain all integrated building systems, save cost for different types of software, training according different systems, also to minimize money for preventive and reactive maintenance.

Immediately responds and alarms registering ensure solving the problems in most of cases before the occupants to understand about it.

A lot of parameters and settings. Protected by password, some of them restricted by groups in accordance with your instructions.

Manage and monitor

Dynamic graphics screen, alarm management, remote monitoring in combination with contemporary open communication protocols LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus, Web Services, TCP/IP and ext. guarantee reliability operation of your system and possibility for remote consulting from your system integrator or graduate expert.

Save up to 30% of your energy costs with an integrated solution.

Data electronic record and archive, realized according occupancy need time schedule, intuitive software ensure reliable tool for “Energy Management” (electronic record of all types energy used in you building, analysis, forecasting and possibilities for future correction in system logic – additional optimization for building cost).

Optimize based on your needs

Electrical Distribution Panels for houses, flats, offices, shops or hotels, office buildings and plants. Always on time, and accordance with your needs and purposes.

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